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gdgt weekly 050

by Jonathan Downin in TechAugust 9th, 2009 @ 10:59 pm

gdgt weeklyThis week’s episode is a bit late due to travel issues connected to the gdgt event that took place earlier in the week in San Francisco.  It sounds like it was a big hit with a lot of people showing up.  They are holding another one in New York next month so stay tuned on details on that.

First news topic up this week is that of Google’s CEO resigning from the Apple board of directors.  The guys are a little late to the game on this, so you have probably heard all the commentary you really need, but they do riff on where the big companies are likely heading and why this was inevitable.

The Zune HD is looking amazing.  The OLED screen does the device a lot of favors, but it sounds like it has a lot more going for it with a sleek, engineered design and a slick and responsive user interface.  It doesn’t have a release date yet, and seeing how it seems to have been ready for a while, that really is a head-scratcher.  With new iPod comes next month, Microsoft really needs to fast-track the release of this.

Oh, and don’t forget about The Shack.

Sorry we’re a couple days late this week — travel and our launch party in SF held things up just a bit — but hey, it’s our big five-oh! Join in as we rap on Schmidt’s departure from Apple’s board, our first impressions of the Zune HD, Nikon’s projector-equipped S1000pj, and the, um, “Shack.” Just for good measure, we’ve also got a little from last Tuesday’s party with Peter and I discussing some ideas about the future of the gdgt, as well as a little audience Q&A. See you at 100! Actually, we’ll just see you at 51 later this week.

Runtime – 52:52

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