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Command Prompt Podcast, Episode 55

by KirePDX in GamesAugust 5th, 2009 @ 12:06 am

Command PromptAccording to Command Prompt, a villain is just the hero for the other side, so they spend some time with the Empire for a potential TIE Fighter rerelease, and look at both the good and evil stories of Aion‘s world.

LucasArts recently hinted at upcoming announcements about TIE Fighter, a beloved Star Wars space sim, and it has the PC crew excited for a remake or rerelease similar to what LucasArts has done for their other classic games.

On the MMO front, Jason and Jeff Haynes have been playing Aion, an upcoming MMO from NCsoft. While there doesn’t seem to be any revolutionary gameplay, they are having significantly different narrative experiences with their different characters alignments, which sounds interesting.

On the neutral side of things, The Sims 3 has announced its inevitable first expansion Sims 3: World Adventures; and the the team answers emails and discusses monitor setps.  Also, Ocampo does a pretty good Luke Skywalker impression at the end.

Covered games and topics: L4D, WOW, Tie Fighter, Aion, Sims 3, Mass Effect 2, monitor setups, Majesty 2

Wow, talk about a busy Tuesday. One moment it’s quiet, and then the next there’s all sorts of World of Warcraft and Left 4 Dead news to discuss, including the brand new 3.2 update for the former and a new DLC announcement for the latter. Needless to say, both provide plenty of red meat for today’s podcast! And that’s not even the biggest news, because Jason turns into a giddy little kid at the prospect of LucasArts finally revisiting TIE Fighter, his favorite game of all time. It’s been 15 years, people!

Oh yeah, there’s even an announcement for The Sims 3 expansion. Yeah, suddenly, it’s a busy week. If you have a question, if no one else can help, and if you can post in the comments field below, maybe you can ask a question to the Command Prompt podcasting team.

Runtime – 52:19

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