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Game Scoop! Podcast, Episode 129

by Jonathan Downin in GamesJuly 31st, 2009 @ 7:54 pm

Game Scoop!It’s apparent that both Microsoft and Sony have taken to releasing strong downloadable games during the summer months.  With good retail releases not too common, this is a great for them and for us.  This week’s game not to miss looks to be Fat Princess.

A TellTale developer said on their official forums that the iPhone is a more graphically powerful platform than the Wii.  This is a pretty striking statement, and if true makes it even clearer how underpowered the Wii really is.  TellTale should put their new 3D iterations of the classic adventure games on iPhone if it can handle it.

Greg Miller is back this week and that means we get a Knockin’ Boots segment.  It sounds like Greg is doing a lot of people a lot of good with his ridiculous advice.

Covered topics and games: Modern Warfare 4 domain squatting, risqué Energizer ad on IGN, Turtles in Time XBLA, Fat Princess, transparency in game sales, Wii sales declining, game delays, knockin’ boots, emails

It’s Daemon Hatfield, Jim Reilly, Greg Miller, and Steve Butts this week. Mr. Butts has been on the PC team for eleventy years or so, but this is his first appearance on Scoop!.

Here’s what’s on tap:

Nintendo’s Q1 2009 earnings show that it still made a ton of money, but not nearly as much as it made last year.

Ubisoft is shifting its casual focus from the DS to the Wii and Natal.

A Telltale developer believes the iPhone is more powerful than the Wii.

Square Enix is teasing a new game in the traditional manner: a countdown website.

Some very silly Call of Duty fans are squatting on the URL “”

The developer of Burn Zombie Burn wants transparency in the sale of downloadable games.

We get a status update from one of the original boot knockers.

Plus, we answer a bunch of listener mail about trophies, Branson, and the Flora Dora hotel. Don’t forget, we’re available on iTunes, along with episodes of Game Scoop! TV. Remember to rate the shows while you’re there.

Runtime – 54:03

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