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Diggnation | Episode 212 – WWKAD: What Would Kevin And Alex Do?

by Jonathan Downin in Misc, TechJuly 22nd, 2009 @ 5:07 am

DiggnationThe first story up front here is the Nazi stealth fighter.  As Kevin and Alex cover, this was basically an American stealth bomber 20 years before its inception.  It is pretty amazing to see how hostory could have been so different with just a few tweaks.

Tim Burton has been at the forefront of visual design in films for the past 15 years and now he is putting his spin on Alice in Wonderland.  The concept art alone shows that this movie is starting in the right place.  This is the kind of stuff we wish would show up in game design.

Kevin and Alex start to get rather deep with their discussion on religion.  The topic is somewhat unfairly skewed towards the anti-Christian point of view initially, but Kevin starts to lean the other way throughout the discussion.  See and interpret what you like in this discussion.

Hitler’s Stealth Fighter, Creepy ‘Alice’ Pics, Firefox 3.5, Facial Hair Facts, A Religious Discussion, and a Fan Finally Answers Their Phone!

Runtime – 45:43

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One Response to Diggnation | Episode 212 – WWKAD: What Would Kevin And Alex Do?

  1. Jon Cole says:

    I think that the mention of religious talk might scare off a few people from this particular episode, but I personally think that they take a more “hey, maybe you didn’t think about this stuff about your religion, and maybe you should” perspective rather than an anti-Christian perspective. That said, I think they to stay conscious about being sensitive.

    Otherwise, great show – the story about the Nazi stealth bomber was news to me and really blew my mind. And capping off the show was a phone call to an awkward, nervous Diggnation fan who marked the first call Kevin has made on-show that has actually been picked up. Isn’t that guy supposed to be popular?

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