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Tekzilla | Episode 93

by Jonathan Downin in UncategorizedJune 19th, 2009 @ 2:14 am

TekzillaFirst up, Patrick and Veronica have a great look at netbooks.  Veronica has a couple of on-hand units, one with Windows 7 and another that is a hankintoshed OS X equipped Dell mini 9.  They both look good, but with the new Intel CPUs coming up in December it may be best to wait if you can.

There is a big segment about HDR photography, but there is not much focus on the camera side.  It is all about the software side here, so if you have the camera side down, you should be okay.  The camera side is a big deal though so don’t be too ready to drop $99(US).

Free Software Finds Lost Drive Space. Tripit: Make An Instant Itinerary, High Dynamic Range Photos Look Gorgeous. Netbook Guide: from Hackintosh to Long Battery Life, Everything You Need To Know Before Buying.

Runtime – 46:19

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