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Engadget Podcast 147 – 05.22.2009

by Jonathan Downin in TechMay 22nd, 2009 @ 6:09 pm

Engadget PodcastYou can probably gauge when the Palm Pre will launch based on Joshua’s giddiness alone.  The guys are discussing the Pre launching with a mail-in rebate.  The good news is that at Best Buy it will be an instant rebate.  The bad news is that it is rumored that each Best Buy will only receive 4 handsets per store.

The Blackberry Storm 2 has been made available to the press and Engadget has their hands-on impressions.  It seems to be about the same, minus the original’s clicking screen.  With the Pre and a new iPhone in the wings there probably won’t be too many interested in this.

Engadget received a cease and desist about their post regarding the rumored slim-line PS3.  This lends some credence to its legitimacy.  Only E3 will tell.

It’s the podcast you’ve been waiting for, maybe! Join Josh, Paul, and Nilay as they rock through their greatest hits, including: Palm Pre Launch Details, Storm 2 (The End of SurePress), Moblin Two-Point-Oh, and everyone’s favorite, a little ditty called Slim PS3 Cease and Desist. Available now for just four easy payments of clicking below!

03:13 – Palm Pre on June 6th for $200: It’s official!
23:10 – BlackBerry Storm 2: the official unofficial hands-on
35:20 – Moblin 2.0 beta impressively demoed on video
54:36 – Slim PS3 update: mysterious Chinese firm issues a cease and desist… to Engadget

Runtime – 1:03:56

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