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Game Scoop! Podcast, Episode 120

by Jonathan Downin in GamesMay 16th, 2009 @ 2:16 am

GameScoopThese podcasts with the long descriptions are messing with the format of posts around here.

Greg Miller starts out by talking about InFamous, but he already went into a huge explanation of his experience with the game during Thursday’s Podcast Beyond so if you really want to hear about it, give that a listen.  Nate does voice everyone’s question of what sets InFamous and Prototype apart.

Factor 5 has closed it’s doors and nobody has much to say about it.  The studio hadn’t put out many good games in recent years and it is quite telling that not a single person sounds too sad at the news.

This is a pretty short one that is overloaded with listener emails.  Leading up to E3 things should get busier with speculation and excitement building.

It’s Daemon Hatfield, Craig Harris, Nate Ahearn, and Greg Miller this week. We’re in crazy pre-E3 mode, but we always have time to give you the Scoop!

The biggest article on IGN this week? Greg’s Infamous review. The infamous editor gives us all the gory details.

The developer of Weapon of Choice, one of our favorite XNA games, has revealed his next project. Let’s hope this one makes it to XBLA.

Factor 5 is the latest developer to close its doors. Happy now, Greg?

Xbox Live avatars demonstrate what not to wear.

Plus, we answer a bunch of reader mail. If you enjoy Game Scoop! please remember to review us on iTunes. You can find episodes of Game Scoop! TV on iTunes, as well.

Runtime – 36:13

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