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TWiT 194: Red Shirt Guy Gets It

by Jonathan Downin in TechMay 11th, 2009 @ 2:51 am

TWiTThis is a somewhat unusual episode.  With many of the show regulars taking a pass this week due to it being Mother’s Day the only familiar voice is Alex Lindsay.  Also on the show this week is Brian Daniel Eisenberg, Louis Gray, and Carlos Xavier.  Another thing that makes this episode different is Leo takes audio input from the audience using TalkShoe.  There must be something about TWiT or Leo that attracts inteligent, well spoken people because there is no insanity like there would be on other podcasts were this given a try.

The topics are pretty varied this week with things kicking off with some discussion about the new Kindle DX.  Leo had just bought a Kindle 2 for his mother a couple days before, so he is not too pleased about Amazon’s timing.  The guys also have a good time talking about Star Trek and also touch upon the closing of 3D Realms.

Windows 7 comes up near the end of the how with a listener bringing it up.  Everyone likes it, but Leo almost seems smitten.  Maybe it is just that anything good from Microsoft after the Vista debacle looks amazing.  He does make an interesting statement that Windows 7 is the best iteration since Windows 98.  Microsoft seems to haven gotten a lot right this time around.

This episode takes your calls live on TalkShoe, covering Kindle DX, Star Trek, 3D Realms, FriendFeed, Nintendo, and more.

Runtime – 1:48:30

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