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Engadget Podcast 140 – 04.03.2009

by Jonathan Downin in TechApril 3rd, 2009 @ 2:46 pm

Engadget PodcastPalm Pre is the big topid for the first half of the podcasts– and would we expect anything less with Joshua Topolsky running this show?  There really is a lot of big Palm news this week.  The iPhone c0uld use some competition so lets hope Palm has their stuff together and can get thing moving with a launch by June.

The guys are talking about the Dell XPS 13 and according to Joshua, it is quite a handsome machine.  You have to love his use of handsome.  It sounds like it’s okay, but the usual complaint of the trackpad being on the left continues here– it really doesn’t make any sense.  Windows Vista isn’t getting any love either.  It’s so bad Joshua says Windows deserves viruses.  Wow.

The whole SlingPlayer situation has been understandably controversial.  Slingbox claims the older SlingBoxes will not work with the new SlingPlayer when it has obviously worked in the past.  It seems like a way for them to drive sales, but just a really horrible one PR wise.

Do you love people talking? Do you love technology? Then you’re in the right place, friend. Welcome — yes, welcome one and all to the Engadget Podcast! This week, you get to hear the coolest set of cats this side of the junkyard pontificating on the week’s top stories. Listen as Josh, Paul, and Nilay dish about Palm’s SDK happenings, marvel at the HTC Snap, relive a Dell unboxing, and get crazy on Sling for some questionable business practices. If you don’t enjoy this podcast, you may not be listening to it closely enough.

00:03:10 – Palm announces webOS SDK availability, Palm OS emulation for Pre, new cloud services
00:11:08 – Pandora, Amazon, other third-party apps demoed on Palm Pre
00:36:44 – HTC Snap hands-on
00:43:25 – Samsung Mondi WiMAX hands-on with video
00:52:37 – Dell Studio XPS 13 unboxing and hands-on
01:01:50 – Older Slingboxes won’t work with SlingPlayer for iPhone

Runtime – 1:11:22

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