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Command Prompt Podcast, Episode 40

by Jonathan Downin in GamesMarch 17th, 2009 @ 8:40 pm

Command PromptThe guys are very excited about Mass Effect 2.  Bioware has now stated that it is slated for release in the early part of next year.  That is quite a way off and let’s just hope it’s not too long since the release of the first one so that people will have forgotten about the series.

A big discussion about the recent outpouring of Bioshock 2 information.  There are a lot of weird things going on in this game including the new big sisters and playing as a big daddy, but the most distressing is the word that there will be multiplayer.  Most people loved Bioshock for the world and single player progression and taking time away from that to work on multiplayer seems like a bad idea.

Apparently a few people had a few things to say about Jason and he is not feeling too good about it.  It all stemmed from his Apple love in the past few shows.  He should have expected it, this is a PC podcast.

So what’s on the discussion block this week? Well, there’s plenty. Mass Effect 2 is now official and confirmed for the PC. Charles has a ton of BioShock 2 details. GDC is right around the corner and Jason is in meeting hell. But wait, there’s more, as we talk about The Sims 3, Jason’s still-in-production Dell, and other subjects.

Runtime – 55:32

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