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Windows Weekly 98: We Get Letters

by Jonathan Downin in TechMarch 13th, 2009 @ 8:43 pm

Windows WeeklyLeo and Paul start here with a little check-in on the state of Windows 7 as they tend to do every episode.  It sounds like the new leaks are actually quite a bit less stable than the initial beta that was released in January.  So if you are tempted to update from the beta, you might be best to just stick with what you have.

Paul has a few things to say about browsers as has probably managed make even more Mac people who like Safari upset.  It seems like it really is somewhat of a mess under Windows though.

Although invites are no longer available, Google’s newly refreshed and renamed Grand Central is getting Leo pretty excited.  It sound like it does offer many unique and useful features including phone number portability and voicemail transcription.

More changes to Windows 7, browser performance, Microsoft Marketplace, Google Voice, and more.

Runtime – 1:23:06

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