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Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast, Episode 39

by Jonathan Downin in GamesMarch 4th, 2009 @ 10:36 pm

Nintendo Voice ChatThe review for Sonic & the Black Knight is out and– it sucks, big time.  Can a good Sonic game ever be made again?

Punch Out has been confirmed for a May 18th release.  The graphics look really great and it works with the classic controller so have no fear of mad waggling.

It sounds like the EA Sports games coming for Wii are going to be pretty good and a nice step up from their rudimentary Wii Sports counterparts.  It seems EA is taking their Wii stuff in the right direction, but Wii Sports Resort may make things a little more difficult for them.

Matt put up his review of Sonic & The Black Knight. Sonic fanboys everywhere are drowning in their tears.

A Boy & His Blob Wii is official and we can finally talk about it.

Last week we talked about the disappointing sales of Moon. Publisher Mastiff was listening and has some insight to share.

We have impressions of Ghostbusters, EA Sports Tennis/Active, and FFCC: Echoes of Time to share.

Runtime – 1:19:26

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