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Diggnation | Episode 190 – Kevin Rose: Bill Gates Fanboy?

by Jonathan Downin in TechFebruary 18th, 2009 @ 6:41 pm

Watching Diggnation it’s pretty easy to view Kevin Rose as an everyday dude, but when you hear that he was invited to have lunch with Bill Gate you realize the he really isn’t.

Wow, the Onion really nails it with the announcement of SONY’s latest and worst.  Don’t miss it.

There is a very coherent and thought out discussion on the issue of sponsors disassociating themselves from Michael Phelps after the pot smoking incident.

When a Mac fanboy meets Bill Gates, Sony Releases New Stupid POS That Doesn’t F#cking Work, Teen Stabbed But Makes It To Job Interview, Michael Phelps Should Not Apologize for Smoking Pot, Dramatic Cupcake Dog Revelation

Runtime – 43:56

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