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Rebel FM — Episode 2 — 01/13/09

by Jonathan Downin in GamesJanuary 14th, 2009 @ 4:35 am

The second episode from the former 1UP guys is here and they are sounding a tiny bit better.  With new equipment coming in soon they should sound very good, very soon.

It’s good to hear the guys in a better mood with Skip Pfister joining the group.

With a little bit of GladOS introducing us it is

AND hear where Shane goes next!!!!!!

Note: Wait until morning to download a volume fixed version.

“Episode two finds us feelin’ fine, as special guests Shane Bettenhausen (who tells us where the hell he’s headed to work next) and Andrew “Skip” Pfister (King of All ‘Casts) join us to reminisce about our best/worst 1UP/EGM memories, and chat about our favorite games of last year. Infinite thanks for all the support.”

So there you have it. Shane tells us where he’s headed, I tell a story about clogging up a toilet, and Andrew gets so high on cat allergies that he mistakes an instruction manual for a reader letter. Good times, I tell ya.”

Runtime – 1:34:37

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