Creative Screenwriting – World’s Greatest Dad Q&A

In the pre-Q&A introduction of writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait, Jeff Goldsmith rains words of praise for his ability to produce low-budget movies that break even in profits but succeed in his artistic vision.  Bobcat paves the way in a quest for “truthiness” with his previous film Sleeping Dogs Lie and his most recent film World’s Greatest Dad, using the knowledge and experience he accrued from his stand-up career to create smart, inquisitive comedies.

Between his forthright attitude and joking demeanor, Goldthwait delivers a truly interesting interview.  He talks about how Robin Williams’s character partly mirrors his writing process, revealing that he only took five days to write the script but was haunted with plenty of fattening room service and cigarette smoking at a local hotel.  As far as shooting was concerned, some of the scenes in the film were born just from his pure curiosity, which is a refreshing style born from his creative flexibility.  If Bobcat’s jokes are any indication of the quality of the comedy in his movies, chances are they’re worth checking out.

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