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CastMedium Podcast 092 – PTW ahoy!

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Tech1529 days ago

Okay people, this is it, for real. This is the last episode of the CastMedium Podcast. Not too much explanation needed other than we are taking this show into new territory. Game Thing Daily, and the recently launch Tech Thing Daily, are where we are doing our thing now, so it only makes sense to do this thing, there. We will still be doing a weekly podcast, and it will still be Jon, Erik and myself — just a little different. The CastMedium Podcast is transmogrifying into Podcast Thing Weekly (credit goes to Jon for this bit of genius). We...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 091 – Media Consumption Corner #6

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Misc, Movies, Tech, TV1543 days ago

It’s time for another Media Consumption corner, and guess what, here’s a fat list of topics: Games Uncharted 3 Beta (Jon & Erik) Team Fortress 2 (Jon) Dungeon Raid (Jon) Alpha Protocol (Erik) Frozen Synapse (Jonathan) Movies Dear Zachary (Erik) Splice (Jonathan) Television Star Trek: The Next Generation (Jon) Deadwood (Erik) Treme (Jonathan) BSG (Jonathan) Curb (Jonathan) Music Destroyer – Kaputt (Erik) AV Club – Summer Break covers (Erik) Whatever Else Game of Thrones book dropped on July 12th Erik and I talked...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 090 – Google+ talk

by Jonathan Downin in Tech1550 days ago

Google launched their Facebook competitor last week in Google+. Jon and I managed to force or way into the early roll-out and we have a LOT to say about our experience. Erik, in his typical curmudgeony fashion, is not in on G+, and he finds it difficult to muster any enthusiasm about a new social network. Since we record on Tuesday nights, we missed Facebook’s announcement on Wednesday. Luckily for you, Jon and I did an extra 10 minutes on Facebook’s new addition of video chat and tacked it onto the end of this one. You’re welcome. Note:...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 089 – Next-gen console talk

by Jonathan Downin in Games1557 days ago

This week is all about next-gen systems. I have been known to get excited about new hardware, and I am fully ready for some 1080p anti-aliased goodness — Erik and Jon, not so much. We cover the full gamut of recent rumors surrounding the alleged presence of next-gen Xbox development kits, the Wii U, importance of services going forward, Sony’s stance in the hardware game and much more. Jump in and get a taste of what our pre-show conversations are like every week. Also, Summer jams and struts. Follow us: @castmedium Jonathan Downin...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 088 – XBLA & Summer of Arcade talk

by Jonathan Downin in Games1564 days ago

Erik is out this week so we rangled in Ross to fill the empty seat. Along with Jon, Ross takes care of business over at XBLAfans, so we thought it only fitting to talk XBLA and the forthcoming Summer of Arcade. Trenched just hit XBLA this week, and Ross reviewed it for XBLAfans, so we start off with that. Then it is on to the games of Summer of Arcade: Bastion, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, From Dust, Fruit Ninja Kinect and Toy Soldiers: Cold War. We also hit the announcement of Halo: Anniversary edition and the recent confirmation of Kinect...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 087 – Media Consumption Corner #5

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Misc, Movies, TV1570 days ago

It’s time for another round of media, but we do briefly hit some Apple stuff from WWDC before jumping into the show proper. In games it is a mix of throwbacks and new technology. I spend a few contradiction-filled minutes talking about Dream:scape (I really do like it) and then hit some DarkStar One. Then it is on to Jon who has finally made the plunge into OnLive. Jon kicks off movies with some X-Men: First Class talk, and then I hit a trio of documentaries from HBO. Erik starts TV talk with Game of Thrones (no spoilers) and that leads into...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 086 – E3 2011 talk

by Jonathan Downin in Games1577 days ago

It’s all over. E3 2011 has come to a close and there was a lot of great stuff announced, revealed and on show. We briefly touch on our predictions from last week and recap that we were pretty spot on, but we also realized in hind-sight that we weren’t really too ambitious with our predictions. We hit the big 3 in our discussion starting with the Wii U. Opinions get a little divided on Nintendo’s forthcoming console/controller, but we can all agree that it’s at least interesting. The PSVita gets its due time and then it is...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 085 – E3 2011 predictions talk

by Jonathan Downin in Games1585 days ago

Last week started our run-up to E3, but this week is when we really get into it. We spend a full 50+ minutes talking about what we expect to come out of the big show this year. There should be plenty of exciting announcements at the show, and we spend plenty of time talking about what we expect from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Once we get through the big 3 we hit some smaller topics and get lost in a world where J Allard is behind everything, and nothing we know is real. Follow us: @castmedium Jonathan Downin - @jonathandownin - Game Thing...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 084 – Significant E3 moments in history talk

by Jonathan Downin in Games1592 days ago

We are less than 2 weeks away from E3 and we are already getting into the spirit of things. Sparked by a conversation on last week’s Weekend Confirmed, we are looking back at the E3′s of yore and trying to pinpoint some of the introductions and announcements that have had a lasting impact on gaming as we know it. We took a look at good ‘ol Wikipedia and pulled the biggest announcements from each year and spend time hitting the topics in bold: ’95 – PS1 & Saturn ’96 – N64 unveiling, Super Mario 64 ’97...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 083 – Media Consumption Corner #4

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Misc, Movies1599 days ago

It’s that time again where we look back over the media-related items that we have been consuming and we have a long list of things this time around. There is a lot of great stuff in here, but even if you are not going to look into all of the things we mention this time around, do yourself a favor and catch the 2 videos below. They are both music related, but they are both amazing in their own rights. Michael Bolton – Straight out of Compton — Someone make this happen. TV The Wire Game of Thrones Sherlock Ken Burns – Civil...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 082 – Google I/O talk

by Jonathan Downin in Tech1606 days ago

Google annual I/O conference is taking place this week and there have been some big announcements. We have all of the day 1 stuff covered here, including Google Music Beta, YouTube movie rentals, Ice Cream Sandwich and Google TV. Google Music Beta is the most interesting of this bunch and it is pretty comparable to Amazon’s Cloud storage music offering. YouTube movie rentals is also an interesting development, but it doesn’t seem to offer much over many of the other rental services that are already out there. Follow us: @castmedium Jonathan...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 081 – PSN and Project Cafe talk

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Tech, TV1613 days ago

Get ready for a romp of a show this week because we are hitting 2 huge stories. First up is the PSN debacle and all that is surrounding this situation. We get through the details quick and focus on the fallout that may follow in relation to not only PSN users, but also the development community. The “Welcome Back Package” also garners a few harsh words. Then it is on to the Wii 2, purported code named Project Cafe. I am overly excited at the rumors, so Jon and Erik bring the more pragmatic responses. Erik closes the show with some...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 080 – Media Consumption Corner #3

by Jonathan Downin in Games, Movies1620 days ago

We are back to talking about what we’ve been playing, watching and listening to this week — that’s right, music gets some time too. Here’s the list: Games  Tiger Woods 12 Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes HD Portal 2 Co-op Section 8: Prejudice Death Rally Fling Movies Red Box Hanna Music Arcade Fire/The National The XX Jon and I had a few “discussions” regarding The Fast & the Furious franchise, Tron: Legacy and the Black Eyed Peas. The most heated one was a debate on the merits of the Black Eyed...

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CastMedium Podcast 079 – Portal 2 talk

by Jonathan Downin in Games1627 days ago

It’s all Portal 2 this week. Jon and I just barely managed to finish the game in time to talk about it on the show this week, and we don’t hold back. We hit the story, technical elements, PS3 Steam impressions and what we expect and would like to see for the future of the Portal franchise. Does that sound like a lot? Well maybe that’s because it is. Also, be warned, we don’t hold back on the spoilers, so it would probably be wise to hold off on this episode until you have finished the game. Follow us: @castmedium Jonathan...

CastMedium Podcast

CastMedium Podcast 078 – Games marketing talk

by Jonathan Downin in Games1634 days ago

Leading up to the release of Portal 2 next week there has been an onslaught of marketing. The latest ARG was enough to get us thinking about games’ marketing in general, so that’s what we are talking about this week. ARGs, cross-promotions, demos, side games, cross media releases– we hit it all. Let us know what kind of marketing appeals to you in the comments. Follow us: @castmedium Jonathan Downin - @jonathandownin - Game Thing Daily Jon Cole - @jonathanacole Ross Adams - @randomlyrossy Alex Martin - @ADewiM Runtime -...